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I know the good the adoption process can do, and I am committed to bringing together birth parents with the right adoptive parents for their children. Let me help you, too.

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Serving The Adoption Needs Of People Across Oklahoma

Adoption allows children to find the right home for them so that they can have the future they deserve. There are so many people who would love the chance to begin or expand their families. Adoption offers people the ability to do that through an incredible expression of generosity and by placing the best interests of the child above everyone else’s.

Helping make the adoption process function more smoothly has been the focus of my practice for more than a decade. I am dedicated to assisting birth parents and adoptive parents in making the adoption process work so they and their children can have the lives and families they should.

Focusing On Children Since 1991

I am attorney Melisa Van Meter. I have been focused on children and their needs since I began practicing law in 1991. I was always drawn to helping children and making sure their voices and concerns were heard when family law cases were being decided. It is so easy for a child’s interests to get lost in the confusion of legal proceedings. I dedicated myself to making sure that did not happen. I continue that commitment in the help I offer to all parents and prospective parents.

As a lawyer, I believe I make a real difference in the lives of the children who I help find loving, stable homes for. I cannot think of any more important work for me to be doing. Let me help you through the adoption or guardianship process.

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Types Of Adoption
Let me assist you with DHS adoptions, international readoptions and more.

Stepparent/Relative Adoptions
I guide stepparents, grandparents and other relatives through the process.

Alternatives To Abortion
Learn about infant placement, which resolves unplanned pregnancies in a compassionate way.

Other Services
I also handle guardianships and related matters affecting children across Oklahoma.

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The adoption process can be complicated. I can provide you with the experienced guidance you should have as you embark on such an important journey. To schedule a free initial consultation call 405-329-2652, or contact my office online.