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The Adoption Process

Adoption is a wonderful process that offers children and parents the opportunity to find love and fulfillment. I am proud to have focused my practice on adoption since 2000. I am attorney Melisa Van Meter. I have more than 20 years of experience in family law matters. I began my legal career working on family law issues. But, I always found myself focusing on the children and their issues. Too often children are an afterthought in divorce and other family law matters. I eventually focused my practice strictly on adoption and guardianships. I feel like I am doing the greatest good by helping bring families together through the adoption process.

I am an adoptive mother and I feel that my personal experience as a mother and my extensive experience helping families navigate the adoption process allow me to understand what each party to an adoption needs: the adoptive parents, the biological parents and, of course, the child.

I offer my experienced guidance to those who are working to navigate the adoption process and related issues such as:

  • Types of adoption – No matter what type of process you are seeking to grow your family through, I can help. I have extensive experience in assisting with all types of adoptions.
  • Stepparent/family adoption – A very common adoption situation occurs when a stepparent seeks to secure legal recognition of the relationship which he or she has built with a stepchild. Also, grandparents and other relatives who have taken over the care of a child may be seeking to formalize their rights in regards to the child they have been caring for.
  • Infant placement/abortion alternatives – Adoption is an incredibly loving solution to resolving an unplanned pregnancy which a woman or couple may be unprepared to deal with. I offer compassionate guidance through the process for those considering placing their infant for adoption.
  • Guardianships – When someone needs to be able to assume the care of a child, being named as a guardian can provide a person with the legal authority he or she needs to be able to fulfill his or her responsibilities to that child.

Skilled Adoption Representation Statewide

If you need guidance through the adoption process or simply have questions, I am happy to help you better understand the process and how to effectively navigate it. To schedule a free initial consultation call 405-310-0452 or contact my office online.